Featured Brew Tour

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Looking to add a bit of group buzz to your stay? We have the perfect way to do it!

Vermont is known for its craft brews and the local breweries. We’ve partnered with Alpine Limo to facilitate your private and customizable tour to locations like the Alchemist warehouse and tasting room, made famous by their award-winning Heady Topper. Prohibition Pig, Rock Art, Von Trapp Bierhall, Stowe Cider, and a host of other options are available.

You might even throw in a trip to the Ben & Jerry’s Factory or the Cabot Cheese Annex. It’s your tour and your time, let’s customize it together.

Vermont BeerWhite Birch Cottages’s Brew Tour Includes:

  • Transportation directly from White Birch Cottage by Alpine Limo
  • Craft Brew tour route recommendations and information
  • Day-long tour from 10 am to 6 pm
  • Hearty day snacks

*tours subject to availability.


Start the reservation request process if you have set dates or contact us for more information.